Our Story

Two Bears was born from not only the limited choice of clothing that fit for cloth nappies, but the dull beige and greys for Unisex clothing, copious amounts for girls but boring baby blues for boys.

As a Mum of three I have always struggled to find great quality clothing that not only fitted correctly, but was bright and fun. My eldest is a little skinny mini so benefits from slimmer fitting clothes (impossible to find on the high street!), whereas my youngest needs a more roomy fit for their beautiful cloth nappies.

We decided to give customers a choice of bright colours and cute patterns for little bears, with a range of fits to suit all shapes and sizes. 

For the last few years our home is becoming more and more eco conscious. We're aware of the influence we have on our little ones and not only want to be a great role model to them, but also rescue the planet that will one day be theirs. They shouldn't be burdened with the choices older generations made and we want to do our bit! We are on a fight against single use plastic and are forever looking for ways to reduce our impact and we love recycling, including reusing products and handing down our favourite outfits from our eldest.

We are on a mission to produce great quality, ethically sourced products that are kind to our planet.


We've joined the fight against plastic production. All of our packaging is fully recyclable and biodegradable. From the time we hand finish your product to when it gets to your door, we keep them safe by wrapping them in biodegradable tissue paper which is dispatched in a recyclable cardboard box, which usually fits through your letter box. Unless you live in a hobbit house!
To do our bit to save on paper, we provide email copies of invoices and typically respond via email or social media. Any paper we do use is made from 100% recycled paper. 

We strive to be kind on our planet. We aim to offer organic options where possible. We source fabrics with natural fibres, which are more durable and longer lasting that synthetics which means they last wash after wash. Our handmade products are made using high quality fabrics to provide the best quality possible. Oh- and we love hand-me-downs!

Most of our products are designed with reusable nappies in mind, so they’ll fit over both cloth and disposable nappies. Any of our products that fit over your little ones bum have that extra bit of wiggle room for those cute cloth bums.

Not only is natural and organic fabric better for the environment, it's kinder and softer on your little one's skin. Our fabrics hasn't been treated with harsh chemicals or dyes, especially those with sensitive skin. Using natural fibres means less microplastic polluting our oceans.