• Inspirational Women in Tech

    Wjnfknwkejnf nw edjfeknr fjw djfwhiekjn fkjen fj vwjek fvwdk  Katherine Johnson NASA Mathematician Being handpicked to be one of three stu...
  • Timetable for home schooling your toddler

    Day 1 of Home Schooling Hope everyone is surviving the first day of homeschooling so far. With everyone staying indoors and those with anyone unde...
  • Why we don't support Black Friday

    After much thought we’ve made the decision as a business to say no to Black Friday. We want to live by our values and if we’re going to make an impact on this world we all need to make a change. We only use quality fabrics that are ethically sourced and are made to last wash after wash. We source GOTS organic cotton and OEKO-TEX fabric that hasn’t damaged our planet.
  • Why choose organic?

    We’re all familiar with the term “organic” when it comes to clothing and we’re told it’s better. But do we know why? What are the benefits to us and the environment and why should we buy it?