Why we don't support Black Friday

Why we don't support Black Friday

After much thought we’ve made the decision as a business to say no to Black Friday. We want to live by our values and if we’re going to make an impact on this world we all need to make a change.

It’s been a hard decision for us as a new independent business, but it’s a decision we’re proud of. We started this business because we wanted to know where the clothes our little ones wear come from and know they are made with love and care. Sustainable fashion is something that we’re truly passionate about and one we think can make a real difference. We only use quality fabrics that are ethically sourced and are made to last wash after wash. We source GOTS organic cotton and OEKO-TEX fabric that hasn’t damaged our planet.

All of our packaging is fully recyclable and more importantly made from recycled materials. Even our business cards are made from cotton T-Shirts off-cuts! We believe in buying quality, locally produced products that can be used time and time again and we LOVE preloved! Each and every one of our products are handmade to order with love and care from us.

Black Friday and this approach to endless consumerism where you just throw out the old to make room for new is something that we personally struggling with. Our newest little one is wearing all of our biggest bears pre loved outfits and we love the thought of all our babies wearing them. Even Teddy is in on the action pointing out the clothes that used to be his.

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